About Jingle Office

Jingle Office is dedicated to delivering business success in China to organizations globally. The company focuses on providing practical, highly customized and implementable business solutions through its professional and wide range of business engagements.

Jingle Office has conducted over 160 business engagements all over China covering Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools, Electronics, Health & Beauty and Home, Lights & Construction. Our clients include large conglomerates, up and coming players from the SME as well as family managed businesses.

Jingle Office believes that each organization is unique and there are no “best-practices” that will work in every organization. Any solution must take into account both the ground realities and the culture of the business to make sure it gives value to our clients.

From initial enquiry to the upcoming implementation of your business strategy, we are always on hand to provide support, assistance and guidance for your business success in China! We are working hand in hand with you to support you every step of the way. Let us help make your business a huge success in China!


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Through a commitment to integrity, teamwork and initiative, Jingle Office strive for 100% customer satisfaction in every steps of the business service we offer. Our mission is to help our clients build a profitable business in China market by providing exceptional business solutions.

  • Creat value for clients while provide outstanding customer service.
  • Operate with integrity, teamwork and initiative.
  • Optimize our distributing and sourcing system continuouly.
  • Take care of our employees.
  • Create stakeholder value.
  • Build strong business partnerships with clients.


Jingle Office help clients grow their business in China at a faster pace while in an cost-effective way by leveraging our ready and established expertises, infrastructures and network.

Jingle Office deliver truly integrated business solutions to clients by providing all the necessary services and support from one single source, this means lower cost, enhanced efficiency and greater accountability.

Jingle Office proactively works in clients’ needs and interests, providing customized business solutions, strategic advice and on-the-ground implementations to “make things happen.”


Jingle Office work as a result-oriented team with branches all over China to give our clients the highest quality services whenever they need it.

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