10 Questions to Ask Before Entering China Market

Deciding when to enter China market is a tough call for foreign companies. They may be tempted by opportunities in China market, but could risk venturing in China before they’re fully prepared. While entering China market extends your company’s reach,  you don’t want to move into China […]

Why you should have a business partner in China?

Are you planning on doing business in China? Don’t underestimate the task ahead. Entering China is a complex exercise. It requires finesse, insight, and—crucially—feet on the ground. You need solid local business partner in China who can handle all the business details with and for you. These business […]

Top 10 Considerations for Exporting to China

When you think about China’s rising economic influence, its booming export economy is probably the first thing that crosses your mind. But China also has a booming market with huge potentials for foreign product – and that’s good news for foreign business who are planning to […]

Start Your Business in China: If Not NOW, Then When?

Now China is no longer simply a cheap location to manufacture goods; it’s one of the largest, fastest growing markets in the world and also an increasingly important strategic location for companies worldwide.

Recent years, Xi Jin ping, the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, […]

What You Need to Know about China Consumer Goods Market

For roughly three decades, China’s booming economy has offered consumer product companies some of the world’s greatest growth opportunities. China’s economic slowdown and jittery markets have raised worries that this growth story is drawing to a close. In early November 2015, for example, the government […]

China has released a Positive List on Cross-Border E-Commerce of Imported Commodities

On April 7, 2016, 11 ministries and commissions of China including CFDA, AQSIQ, MOA, GAC, etc. co-released the “Positive List for Commodities Traded through Cross-Border E-Commerce (CBEC)”, which indicates that the commodities not included in the positive list are not allowed to be imported to […]

6 Steps to Pave Your Way to China Consumer Market

Planning a market entry strategy for China market has the same elements as your domestic marketing strategy, but several key variables make the chances of success of the plan more difficult to predict. Products that are immensely popular in your country do not always meet […]

The pros and cons of doing business in China

China’s role as a global economic leader is by now consolidated, having radically changed its economy from a predominantly agricultural one that was generally closed to international trade. China is now top of the list of countries for whoever wants to expand and invest internationally. […]