5 Useful Tactics of Doing Business with Chinese

China, as a business powerhouse, offer foreign companies great opportunities to enter China market. However, there exist nuanced differences in Chinese business culture, and they make your business in China a long and sometimes tough climb. Before you seize the opportunities China has to offer […]

5 Elements to Assess if you Can Win in China Wholesale Market

When you move away from markets you know into the ones that are new to you, the risks associated with opportunities increase. Costs for researching and penetrating new markets will also increase. Of course, there’s no way to guarantee success, but the good news is […]

3 Less Risky Routes to Start China E-commerce Business

Having a domestic business presence in China is a necessary part of many application and operational processes which include, for example, application for Tmall store and application for ICP Beian filing. On a more positive note, China is loosening its free trade zone policy and […]

10 Must-Ask Questions Before Moving into Chinese market

Despite the economic slowdown, the increasing wealth and consumer spend in China is already being felt around the world, with recent tourism numbers showing that visitors from the country spend more than any other country in the world with a record $229 billion shelled out […]

Top 6 Secrets of Making A Successful Business Negotiation with Chinese

Nowadays, the opportunities in China are too great for foreign companies to ignore. However, every potential opportunity accompanies with commensurate challenge, especially for the small companies that lack resource and brand awareness in China. Due to nuanced cultural and language differences, small companies often feel […]

6 Keys to Start Your China Ecommerce Business

China has become the leading emerging market for many Western brands and retailers. For many businesses, the growing spending power of high-income consumers and the middle class in China has become a compelling growth engine. For luxury brands, China is already a huge growth market. […]

6 Cultural Differences in Business Between the West and China

China is no longer just the world’s factory. Chinese have a greater purchasing power than before, therefore, a growing number of foreign companies do business with China and its enterprises. However, there are a lot of cultural differences between the west and China in the way […]

5 Strategies to Find a China Distributor for Your Business

Before you start business in China, you should look for a reliable collaborative China distributor for your business. No matter how great your product is, you need to get it in front of Chinese consumers to make a profit. Find a China […]

5 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for China Market Entry

Stepping into the China market is a complicated process. China is a large and uneven country, and its market is complex and constantly changing. A company’s strategy is likely to be influenced by a number of factors, including local social factors, business environment, market need, customer preferences […]