7 Insights into International Brands Entering China Retail Market

There are a lot of analyses, largely correct, discussing on what makes it complicated for foreign brands to enter China Retail Market. More offen than not, the basic cause points to the vastness and complexity of China Retail Market, as well as the diversity of its cities […]

Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Doing Business in China Market

China is fast becoming the consumer capital of the world. The Chinese market is large, but it is by no means easy. For the right companies, it can be massively profitable. But many other businesses have made some common mistakes and later slink away in […]

12 Things to Do When Starting a Business in China

Starting a business in China is quite different from that in your own country. You need to take all its region-specific factors and conditions into consideration. Before launching your business in China, a systematic market research and a carefully planned implementation strategy is crucial. It will need more […]

6 Tips Help you Start a Business in China

For those in business community of other countries, the news over the last decade or so focused on the supply chain advantages of China. China became a massive export machine and manufacturing juggernaut, with its low labor rates, stable currency, highly disciplined workers, and excellent […]

Pros and Cons of Starting Business in China with Ecommerce

The internet is a natural place for foreign businesses to look at to expand your business in China with Ecommerce. Even a very small company can become a global influencer just by making their products available online. Before exploring ecommerce as an option for expanding your […]

4 Questions to Answer before Selling to China

China now is open to more than just multinational corporations, but small business owners should evaluate their products objectively before taking the plunge. In the past, only multinational corporations (MNCs) had opportunities to sell products and services to China. Heavy import duties, cumbersome banking regulations, […]