Beijing – The State Council of China decided on Wednesday to further ease market access by canceling production licenses for certain industrial products.

According to a statement issued by the State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, 13 other industrial products, including internal combustion engines and brake fluids, will be exempt from applying for production licenses.

Among them, products related to safety, health and environmental protection will be subject to compulsory certification management.

The statement said the move aims to cut administrative red tape and stimulate corporate innovation.

Industrial products

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to shift the focus of administrative resources from approval to supervision, improve the operating environment, and stimulate market vitality.

Oversight of areas of public safety and health significance, such as food, medicines and special equipment, should be strengthened.

The statement said that new tools such as Internet platforms and credit information can be used for market regulation.

The meeting also decided to develop more fitness products through the construction and opening of more public sports facilities, encourage social forces to carry out sports activities and invest in sports facilities, and promote public fitness and sports consumption.

The State Council stated that by 2022, all schools across the country should be able to access fast and stable Internet services to provide quality educational resources to remote and impoverished areas through the Internet platform.