A new report shows that despite the aging society, Chinese consumers seem to be much younger than those in the US and Japan. This is reflected in their spending habits.

A report released by Hakuhodo shows that Chinese people use technology products and services more frequently than their American and Japanese peers, and most people tend to use mobile apps and social media platforms to understand what they are interested in. Tokyo-based advertising company Hakuhodo, a subsidiary of Shanghai Institute of Living and Living, and Communication University of China.

The report, released last week in Beijing, surveyed 5,000 people who use smartphones in their daily lives between the ages of 20 and 59. They live in Tier 1 to Tier 4 cities in China, coastal areas of Kanto, Kansai, and Japan, as well as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago in the United States. The study has been running for seven consecutive years.

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“In the context of China’s relatively stable economic growth in recent years, the elderly in China have actively accepted the positive views of the younger generation,” said Zhong Ming, chief researcher at the Shanghai Hakuhodo Institute of Living and Living.

“We found that the average psychological age of Chinese respondents was 31.9 years, compared with 32.9 years in Japan and 37.1 years in the United States. Compared with two to three years ago, older people are more vulnerable to young people and their psychology is more Young. “He said.

Among the respondents, 35% of Chinese said that they are particularly concerned about the brands and services of technology equipment such as mobile phones and computers. That number is higher than the 9% recorded by Japanese and Americans.

In addition, 16% of Chinese say they pay particular attention to the brands of clothing, shoes and bags. That number is higher than 14% in the United States but lower than 18% in Japan.

“In China, we can see many older couples re-taking wedding photos to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Middle-aged mothers are willing to learn about the latest fashion and makeup techniques. In addition, some seniors like to play computer games and use buzzwords. Seniors Actively adapting and catering to the views of young people. ”

A 57-year-old advertising company employee living in Shanghai said he bought his first mountain bike ten years ago and has been addicted to the hobby. He said he took part in various bicycle races nationwide and it felt great to work with young people and move forward.

Another financial employee with a surname of Zhang, 41, said he was only 28 years old at the psychological age, and he liked cutting-edge high-tech products and outdoor sports such as diving.

“More and more seniors are using popular mobile apps that are popular with young people in China. They are not satisfied with a fixed standard of living and they are willing to try different new things,” said Yang Xurui, the company’s advertising professor. Communication University of China.

China is also considered a leader in the on-demand economy, and people in the country report higher usage of food ordering apps, car rental apps, and mobile payments than Japan and Americans.

The report said that in terms of willingness to spend money next year to buy goods and services, the Chinese scored 76 points out of 100, the Japanese scored 61 points and the Americans scored 61.9 points.

The report found that among Chinese respondents, those who lived in third- and fourth-tier cities scored 77.7, which is higher than that of major urban residents, indicating a huge consumer demand in smaller cities in China.