Build China Distribution Network

Increasing your sales by having your own dedicated China distribution network on the ground to offer technical support, training and after-sales service to your customers and end-users is very important for your business success in China.

Because of the proven market potential, many foreign companies struggle to successfully distribute and sell their products in China. It can be a challenge to find the right distributors and manage them effectively from abroad. However, with the right support on the ground you can significantly increase your revenue in the Chinese market.

We have a wide connection with different levels of distributors and wholesalers, including trading companies, supermarkets, wholesalers in the major Chinese wholesale market, department stores, etc. Our solutions are geared towards companies that want to quickly gain a competitive edge in the Chinese market. Because of our existing facilities, years of experience in China and extensive partner network, you will be able to ramp-up your operations and significantly decrease your learning curve.

China Distribution Network

Areas where we can provide support on building your China Distribution Network include, but are not limited to:


Identifying key distributors

Once we have identified the market segment for your product in China, we will help you identify who the key distributors are in your industry. We will use a variety of tools to identify these key distributors, including internet research, services of local trade organizations, local government agencies, and referrals from our networking companies in related industries.

In most of industries in China, distribution channels seem to be complex to foreigners. For example, some distributors concentrate their function on logistics, meaning they basically do not do sales activities. Some industries require you to have several layers of distribution channels such as importer, distributor, first dealer, second dealer and retailer. This business culture can be very tricky for new comers, and you need professional support to find the most appropriate distributor.

We assist our clients in identifying the most appropriate distributor and partner, pre-screening them, arranging meetings with them, and negotiating with them.


Distributors assessment

We will visit potential distributors in-person. By meeting them we will have the opportunity to assess if the distributors are qualified or interested in distributing your product or service. By visiting we will also be given the opportunity to see their operations at first-hand, learn their business model, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. We will analyze all information about the potential distributor and give you a comprehensive report. At this time, we will check with local government agencies and local trade organizations to verify the quality and reliability of the potential distributor.


Logistics arrangement

We help you arrange international shipping and get your goods imported into China, and we offer you many possibilities for a successful nationwide rollout. We offer you all integral parts for a nationwide delivery to your distributors all over China, such as customs duty, warehousing, pick & pack, returns, and value added services.


Training of Distributors

Our team of highly-trained professionals will get your distributors well trained about the know-how of your product or service, so that they will be fully prepared to give technical support and customer service to their regional end-users.


Distributor management

Even after you have reached agreement and signed contract with a distributor in China, it will be necessary to manage the distributor to ensure long-term sales. Having a local presence & support is also essential for this process. We will help you communicate regularly with the distributor, provide technical and marketing support, develop both a formal and informal business relationship between you and your distributor here in China.


Legal assistance

Even if a distributor is ready to distribute your product in their regional market, finalizing a distribution agreement or sales contract can also be a lengthy and complicated process. When drafting distribution contracts, it is important to work with a professional local business specialist who is experienced and familiar with local legal practices. We will give you legal assistance and help you draft a contract that best protects your company’s interests in the complicated business arena in China.