China Marketing support

Your business success in China cannot be achieved without a systematic marketing strategy. The business landscape in China is completely different from that in the rest of the world. The major internet marketing platforms in China are really different from the ones you have when you’re outside China, for example, Baidu instead of Google, Tmall/Taobao instead of eBay, Weibo instead of Twitter, Youku instead of Youtube.

After confirming there is a potential market for your product, we will create a detailed marketing plan on how to best realise this potential and reach as many consumers as possible.

We will advise you on how to build and run the most efficient and profitable marketing in China. Our marketing experts will conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns about website localization, search engine marketing, marketplace management, social media marketing and video marketing, and attract new clients via tradeshows. Based on the product or service of your company, Jingle Office can provide professional online and offline China marketing support through all relevant channels.

China Marketing Support

Areas where we can provide China Marketing support include, but are not limited to:


Website localization

Your business’ first step into China market should be the development of a functioning Chinese website. Your Chinese website is the first and foremost marketing tool for the consumers in China to know your brand and product. This local website becomes the center of the your business’ online presence and serves as a trusted source of official information.

China web design and user experience tend to be hugely different from the other countries. Therefore, when building a Chinese website, there is a need to consider the high penetration level of mobile devices, limited access to Google services, ICP requirement for local Chinese hosting and much more. Our experience has shown that a localized website with Chinese language and design will dramatically drive more orders.

We will help you to localize your website to the Chinese market or to create a unique new website to adapt your online content to your Chinese customers. Our website design and development solutions will offer you the best industry practice in user experience design, website development and content localization. We open the door to your Chinese customers, making your website as accessible as possible. We can help you localize your web presence in China by:

  • Translating selected pages of your main website(s) to create a local site.
  • Ensuring the design of the local site mirrors the look and feel of your existing website(s) to maintain consistency across your web presence.
  • Hosting them on a local domain and local server.
  • Enhancing local searches and discoverability.

Search engine marketing

Baidu — China’s search engine marketing giant currently holds approximately 80-85% market share in China (Google has been completely blocked in China). The second most popular search engine in China — plays an important role in China SEM and PPC ad. There are several PPC platforms in China like Sohu Sogou, Tencent soso, Alibaba Alimama, NetEase. As a highly developed advertising platform in China, Baidu has the highest usage. And as a handy desktop editor, it has good security and click-fraud protection. We will help you market your product or service on Baidu by both SEM and PPC, so that you can reach your target audience and drive online revenue.


Marketplace management

A good way of approaching the market is to use the channels already established. We know what works for you and place your assortment of goods in all promising channels.

Online Marketplaces in China are the main channels for brands and e-merchants to drive orders. Tmall/Taobao and JD count already for more than 65% of the total eCommerce market in China. It is mandatory for a foreign company to understand why and how they should use online marketplaces for their business in China. We will help you to understand the Chinese online marketplaces, to set up your shop on Tmall/Taobao/JD or other vertical marketplaces. We will operate your marketplace shop to drive orders and sales by optimizing your online advertising budget on these marketplaces. We have local experts to overlook all aspects of your business. Our shop manager constantly monitors the performance of your web shop, has an eye on the competitive situation and provides you continuously with suggestions and advice, based on facts, figures and our experiences.


Social media marketing

Extend your reach by adopting a Chinese social media strategy. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. Jingle Office is experienced in establishing social media channels for our clients to provide enhanced user experience with desired functionality. We will get you set up with an official account on platforms such as Sina Weibo, WeChat, and Youku, then work with you to create content, manage engagement, and help you measure the results.


Exhibitions & tradeshows marketing

Exhibition and tradeshow is a fast and effective way for your Chinese consumer or buyer to know your brand and product. We help you select the most appropriate tradeshow in China and fulfill all the necessary support to gain maximum exposure for your brand and product.


Marketing with distribution network

Distribution network is one of the key factors in China market, however, many foreign companies does not grasp this. Companies who did not research local markets and find efficient distribution network down to their target end-users or consumers would simply fail. We will help you market your product or service with the main distributors of your industry in China.