China Sales Support

Your sales success in China market requires a broad range of local expertise, including customer service, order fulfillment, performance evaluation, after-sale service and much more, which are the keys to compete with internal competitors. Jingle Office provides a wide range of China sales support adapted to your Chinese consumers to make them happy. Our local sales experts offer all the skills and services you need to improve your sales performance in China market.

China Sales Support

Areas where we can provide China sales support include, but are not limited to:


Customer service support

Doing business in China, customer service is more important than in the West as more than 60% of your orders will be placed after a contact with at least one call or online chat. When selling to China market, you need a strong customer service team in order to meet your customers’ immediate needs and requirements. Your prospective customers expect a professional customer service in their native language. We respond rapidly to customers’ orders and requests while maintaining exacting records. Our team recognizes the importance of continued customer support and responds quickly to customer inquiries and complaints for immediate problem resolution.

Our professional customer service team are here to provide a maximum confidence and meet the expectations of your customers. Jingle Office provides you with fully-integrated live operator, automated, inbound, outbound call centers, including web options and regional customer service locations to cost-effectively meet your customer service needs. Our customer service team members are trained to excel in our highly attentive service environment. We develop thorough customer service procedures to ensure that our customer service staff are prepared and accountable for the success of our client’s business in China.


Order fulfillment

Fulfilling orders is a critical part of your sales process and you do not want to muddle up at any phase. You need to be ready to ship out the desired product quickly. You need to avoid the human error of picking wrong product or missing quantities. And you also need to have the experience to pack the product so that it can arrive undamaged.

Jingle Office offers you a one-stop order fulfillment solution. We have warehouse and order fulfillment system ready for your product in China. We streamline all operation process and integrate all procedures into one system based on our supply chain experience. We have proficient hiring process to provide you service through experienced staff, and our connections with trusted logistics partners help in extensive way.

We value and guarantee efficiency, speed, error-free and professionalism. From start-up businesses to large established international companies, we are always in the position to provide you with efficient and effective order fulfillment solutions tailored especially to your business needs.


Technical support to customers

Jingle Office’s team of highly-trained service professionals deliver effective technical support to your customers all over China. Our regional teams along with our subsidiaries and agencies provide a full range of consultancy and technical support services to your customers in all regions when they need it.


Kitting & assembly

Our kitting and manual assembly services are designed to solve many challenges in product distribution. Within our facilities we have designated working areas to cater for both long term contractual work and custom, one off projects.

Our operators are trained to follow stringent working practices and quality control procedures ensuring work is completed to the correct standard and on time. The flexibility of the workforce means you can rely on us to fulfill all aspects of your kitting and assembly requirement.

Benefits of our kitting and assembly:

  • Saving you time and cost in recruitment and training of working staff here in China.
  • Reducing facilities cost by leveraging infrastructure.
  • Ensuring consistent quality standard compliance.
  • Completing processes on time.

Return handling

The cost of covering international returns can be very pricey, especially when it is small amounts, low value goods or large items. Jingle Office ensures that you have a local returns address and offers local returns management service.

We offer foreign companies a flexible and cost effective return handling solution that will help increase your customer satisfaction and boost your business performance here in China.


Spare parts supply & management

Without effective local supply of spare parts for your Chinese consumers, your supply chain of spare parts can become slow, costly, and unresponsive, and will ultimately lead to opportunities loss and ruin your consumer’s confidence in your after-sale service.

Jingle office is in the position to get your spare parts, which your Chinese consumers might be in need of on a regular basis, delivered to our warehouse and stocked. We deliver the spare parts to your customers when they need the spare parts at the price point they can afford. We are able to meet your customer’s wide range of requests by ensuring a stable supply of parts and consumables, which will help you build an outstanding brand image of reliability and credibility in your Chinese user’s or consumer’s mind.