China Warehousing and Logistics

China Warehousing and Logistics services offered by Jingle Office help you add profits to your business in China by improving efficiency and reducing cost, allowing your company’s resources to focus on your core business initiatives. We also help you increase the effectiveness and flexibility of your supply chain capabilities in China market with our China Warehousing and Logistics services, including our complete value-added services.

Our China Warehousing and Logistics services give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. Our experienced staff and dedicated quality assurance team take pride in handling your product with care and accuracy.

China Warehousing

Areas where we can provide support on China Warehousing and Logistics include, but are not limited to:


Import & transportation

Jingle Office is a registered company in China with a licence to import and export. We help you import your product into China, arrange international shipment, make custom clearance, arrange inland transportation from seaport to our China warehousing, stock it in our warehouse and be fully prepared for the upcoming order fulfillment.



Jingle Office helps you stock your goods in our nationwide warehouse. All of our China warehousing staff are trained to handle your items professionally. The benefits of this strategy are lower shipment costs, faster delivery and more effective handling of returns.


Inventory management

If you have the right product available in China at the right time, your costs go down and profits go up. Just the opposite happens when you have the wrong product or too much inventory on hand – Costs go up and your profits go down.

Good management of inventories requires application of policies, methods and techniques. Jingle Office can offer a unique solution to streamline your inventory, store only what you need and minimize your costs, and protect you from the costs of not having goods available when they are required.


Distribution fulfillment

Our distribution solutions are strategically designed to add value and efficiency to your business. We ensure your products arrive in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price, and do it as time and cost efficiently as possible. We assist in the development of the best distribution plan that takes into consideration of transportation costs, warehousing costs, duty, taxes, VAT, governmental regulations and labor rates.


Value added services

Value added services are a part of the supply chain which complements and enhances warehousing, transportation and logistics solutions. This is a cost effective supply chain strategy that gives foreign companies the flexibility they need to gain a competitive edge in China market.

Value added services by Jingle Office are completely flexible and can be customer tailored to meet any of your needs or requirements, including:

  • Assembly/kitting.
  • Product labelling, packaging and repackaging.
  • Price ticketing.
  • Quality inspection/assurance services