Product Localization

Products or services that work just fine in one cultural environment may produce unintended results elsewhere.Product Localization aims at giving the product or service a domestic touch. Though it is seemingly costly to design localized product or service for China market, it is becoming increasingly beneficial to localize your product or service. Foreign companies with tremendous success in China market are unfailingly those that pay attention to various geographical, environmental, technological, legal, and cultural factors. They will then adapt their product or service to the needs and preferences of China market. No detail is small for them.

If your competitors have already localized their product or service in China, then you cannot afford not to. If they have not, you can gain a tangible competitive advantage by acting now.

Jingle Office provides product localization service designed to ensure that every possible aspect of your product or service is checked, and altered, if necessary, in a way maximumly meet the local requirements and preferences. We offer our customer a complete solution to address both the usability and functionality requirements of China market, while ensuring regulatory compliance and relevant cultural synergies. Our product localization service provides measurable business value by reducing overall time to penetrate the China market, and providing considerable cost savings.

China Product Localization

Areas where we can provide support on Product Localization include, but are not limited to:


Research on user experience

Do you know how usable your product or service is here in China? Do you watch real users in action to see their frustrations? We can help you define an amazing and improved user experience for your product or service.

We will test your product or service by our own team members, interview your users/customers and discover how they interact with your product or service, and we will research your competitive set, watch users in action to identify and find user experience problem areas and opportunities. We will then put together all solutions to dramatically improve the user experience of your product or service. We conduct personalized user experience methodologies and activities based on the user feedback findings. Once we understand your user’s wants and needs, we gather insights and translate them into various solutions. We work hand in hand with your development team to make the implementation process seamless to ultimately enhance the adaptability of your product or service to China market.

Let us help you create a product or service your Chinese customers will love.


Brand localization

Localization goes beyond merely having to localize your product or service. It connects with consumers on a personal level, and builds your brand image in a way that is both accessible and unique. In short, localization is about building trust. We will help you enhance the brand awareness of your product or service in China market.


Localization of product packaging & labelling

No matter which industry you are in, when engaging in exporting products to China market, one of the most important things you need to consider is localization of packaging and labelling. Your Chinese customers do not want to be confronted with foreign images, packaging or manuals laid out in colors, fonts and styles which are alien to them. They want good quality products with nice packaging that conform to their expectations. Documentation, user guides and service manuals not only need to be translated, but also to be localized to have a Chinese look and feel and to be produced in accordance to local regulations.

We offer packaging design service to help you comply with the local regulations and requirements to make your packaging ideal for the Chinese market.


Localization of product design

To be successful in selling your products to China market, most products from foreign companies require some level of adaptation or localization. During the process of product adaptation, you need to take many factors into consideration, such as conformity requirements and regulatory mandates, buyer preferences, product usage conditions, cultural considerations, economic factors, competitive factors, marketing strategies, etc.

We will help you make research and find solutions on what aspects of your product offering should be adapted to China market, and what aspects should not.


Localization of pricing structure and payment options

While selling products to China market can significantly boost your business, it also comes with an additional challenge. Successfully converting Chinese consumers often require you to localize the pricing and payment method to what Chinese prefer and used to. Therefore, what true pricing localization entails is not only to convert your established price into Chinese currency, but also require you to set a right price, let your Chinese customers pay how they used to, and comply with local tax regulation, and more.

We will help you adapt your pricing structure and payment options to the China market, and make them a fundamental step for your business success in China.