In order to further exert the effect of Hainan’s duty-free shopping policy on the islands and promote the construction of the Hainan International Tourism Consumption Center, the General Administration of Customs announced the following matters concerning the duty-free shopping supervision of the outlying island passengers (hereinafter referred to as “ride passengers”) from Hainan Harbour:

1. Passengers departing by the island at the age of 16 will purchase the duty-free goods at the Hainan Islands Passenger Duty Free Shopping Store (hereinafter referred to as “Island Duty Free Shop”) and carry all the islands at one time. This announcement is applicable.

duty-free shopping

2. Passengers departing by island passengers can purchase duty-free goods at the Islands Duty Free Shop and its online sales window with their individual island ticket and valid ID. The Islands Duty Free Shop delivers duty-free goods to pick-up points in advance based on the information on the outlying island tickets registered by the passengers at the time of purchase. When departing by island passengers on the outlying islands, they will pick up the duty-free goods and carry them out of the island at the Haikou Xiuying Port and the new port pick-up point (the Haikou Nangang Wharf will be set up after the conditions are ripe) with their own tickets, shopping vouchers and identity documents.

3. If passengers departing by island passengers need to leave the seaport quarantine area due to delays or cancellations of voyages, they shall hand over the duty-free goods to the pick-up point for custody. When they are again on board the island, they shall go through the relevant procedures as described above.

4. The same passenger shall be calculated by plane, train and boarding duty-free shopping in the same year, and shall not exceed the limit of the tax exemption policy for the outlying islands.

5. In addition to the above announcements, the duty-free shopping supervision of outlying islands continues to implement the Announcement No. 7 of the General Administration of Customs, the Announcement No. 7 of the General Administration of Customs in 2016, the Announcement No. 6 of the General Administration of Customs and the Ministry of Finance and the General Administration of Customs. The relevant provisions of the Circular of the State Administration of Taxation No. 158 of 2018.

This announcement will be implemented as of today.

Regulation Source: General Administration of Customs, P.R.China