Project Name: Green environmental protection Electroplating transformation project
Release Date: 25th April, 2019
Investment Mode: Not limited, sole proprietorship, other
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province
Project validity period: Two years
Total amount of project capitals: 59.24 million US dollars

Electroplating transformation

Project Description:
Industrial planning: The planning area of Liuzhi Special Zone is 11.73 square kilometers. The starting area includes two areas, Laobudi and Mingle, with a construction land area of  3.14 square kilometers. Vigorously develop circular economy industry, high-tech industry, new energy, new building materials, agricultural special food processing, leisure tourism and other projects, and finally form a comprehensive industrial system that is in line with industry and modern service industry to achieve sustainable development of economy and industry. It is the development plan of the development zone.

Cost Estimation: Implement a preferential policy for rent-free 3 to 5 years (one-on-one discussion) for the newly established enterprise standard factory. For example, the standard factory building, the rent is implemented at 12 yuan / square meter, if the investment intensity meets the requirements, the implementation of the “three exemptions and two halving” policy, public rental housing rent of 3 yuan / square meter per month, property management fees tentatively scheduled for each household Set 600 yuan. The wages of employees in the park enterprises are implemented in Liupanshui City with a minimum wage of 1570 yuan/month. The average wage is generally 2,400 yuan (including various subsidies, etc.), and the factory property management fee is 1 yuan/month. The electricity used for living is 0.455 yuan / kWh. The water fee is charged at an average rate of 2 yuan / cubic meter. The Yanjiao Park in the development zone has settled in China Resources Power. The power plant has two 660-megawatt units, generating 120 kilowatts per day, with sufficient power supply and low electricity prices.

The intelligent terminal industry has brought a lot of demand for electroplating transformation: the main industry of the Liugang Water District in Liupanshui is the intelligent terminal manufacturing industry. At present, many large enterprises have settled in, and electroplating has become an essential industrial support for the manufacturing industry. The Golden Fingerprint Group is mainly engaged in the manufacture of smart door locks. The Golden Fingerprint Group has more than 1,700 agent channels. The huge output has increased the demand for electroplating. The company has introduced a nano-coating production line, but it has not been put into production. The introduction of the company can cooperate with it to attract more green electroplating transformation and form industrial clusters in the continuous development.

Information Source: Ministry of Commerce Public Services