Project Name: Laixi New Graphite Material Technology Industrial Park
Release Date: 14th October, 2019
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Qingdao, Shandong
Project validity period: One year
Total amount of project capitals: 80 million Dollar

New Graphite Material

Project Description:
Laixi New Graphite Material Technology Industrial Park project was settled in Nanshu Town, Laixi City. Nanshu Town is a national key town. In 2012, it was established by Qingdao as “Laixi Graphite New Material Industry Cluster”. In 2016, Nanshu Town was the demonstration base of graphite new materials industry determined by Qingdao Municipal Government. The planned area of  the agglomeration area is 650 hectares, and the development and construction area has been completed at 3,000 mu. At present, there are 14 enterprises in the agglomeration area, of which 6 have been identified as above-scale enterprises, and 3 projects have been identified as key projects in Qingdao, and 11 projects have invested over 100 million yuan. The key projects include graphene production enterprises representing the highest level of technology in the domestic graphite industry–Qingdao Detong Nanotechnology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Dean New Carbon Composite Materials Co., Ltd.; graphite fine processing, lithium battery anode material manufacturer–Qingdao Qingbei Carbon Products Co., Ltd., Qingdao Xintianhe Carbon Materials Co., Ltd., Qingdao Yueshi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Introduced 7 top talents including Nobel Prize winner Professor Andreheim and the National Thousand Talents Program. Qingdao Graphene Technology Industrial Park is planned to settle in Crystal Road West and Dahua Road South of Qingdao Laixi Graphite New Material Industry Cluster. It covers an area of  90 mu, which is in line with the overall land use planning of Laixi City. It has already completed the construction land use procedures and has been completed in Qingdao. The production line of Detong’s 1,000-ton graphene project, the introduction of Professor Andreheim’s graphene composite project is under construction. The main investment direction: graphite products enterprises such as graphene, carbon materials and derivatives.

Information Source: Ministry of Commerce Public Services