Project Name: Potato Beverage Investment Project
Release Date: 5th July, 2019
Investment Mode: Sole proprietorship, other
Industry: Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery
Location: Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province
Project validity period: One and a half years
Total amount of project capitals: 15 million US dollars

Potato Beverage

Project Description:
1.Basic situation
Potato is one of the main foods and vegetables in China. The potato is rich in nutrients. The quality of the protein is close to that of animal protein. It contains all the eight essential amino acids, especially lysine, and lysine per 100 grams of potato. The content is as high as 93 mg, which is a kind of low-calorie, high-starch and high-protein green food. Long-term consumption is beneficial to human health. At present, there are many varieties of beverages on the domestic market, and there is no shortage of pure natural vegetable drinks. The technology mainly uses fresh potatoes and other vegetables as raw materials, and dissolves all nutrients except potato skin in beverages into potato mixed vegetable juice. The beverage has simple production process and is suitable for large-scale production of enterprises. At present, there is no similar kind in China. Products have broad prospects for development.

2.Project construction content and scale
It is planned to build a potato beverage plant, production workshop, staff quarters, boiler room and other supporting facilities.

Information Source: Ministry of Commerce Public Services