Project Name: Quzhou Lithium Battery Industrial Park
Release Date: 6th August, 2018
Investment Mode: Sole proprietorship
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Xinzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Project validity period: One year
Total amount of project capitals: 500 million US dollars

Lithium Battery

Project Description:
Quzhou Lithium Battery Industrial Park project site is located in the high-tech area of the green industrial cluster in Zhangzhou, with a planned land area of 1,000 mu. Based on the lithium battery related materials manufacturers such as Juhua Group, Shanshan New Materials, Zhongning Silicon Industry and Zhongniang Kangpeng, the lithium battery foundation has been formed. The material cluster base has major industrial projects such as lithium battery basic materials, battery manufacturing, PACK packaging, new energy vehicles and parts. A total investment of 5 billion yuan

Information Source: Ministry of Commerce Public Services