Negotiation & Sampling

We will provide you with a detailed report of potential costs, a list of awesome & qualified suppliers that have been tailored to your individual requirements and with detailed explanations on the benefits of each potential supplier. We will request quotations from at least 5 suppliers to get an deeper understanding about the pricing, specifications, factory sizes, and also get an idea of where the product production is clustered. We help you front-load your work to reduce risks and headaches later. After you have a good feel for the supplier and have decided on an agreeable product specification and initial pricing, now it is time to get some samples in your hands so the real negotiating can begin.

The goal of early production samples is to get a basic understanding of the quality level each potential supplier is capable of producing. We want you to be able to inspect each option, test it beyond your most critical consumer, and determine which suppliers stay and which get the boot.

  • We will provide you with detailed pricing on ordering samples from the best qualified suppliers, including any additional costs that are charged by suppliers or shipping company. In most cases, the only additional costs you need to bear would be the sample fees requested by the supplier, and the shipping costs.
  • We will communicate with you and confirm which samples you would choose to be shipped to you.
  • We will process the sample order with suppliers and have all samples shipped to our office in China.
  • Once all samples have been received at our office, we will inspect and document the samples in the sourcing report, providing detailed descriptions and photographs.
  • We will handle all of the consolidation work for the sample and preparing them for shipment.
  • You will then be given the option to have the samples shipped, together in the same carton, to one address of your choice.
  • Once you have the samples in your hand, our support team will work with you to evaluate the samples and make modifications if needed.

We will then begin to negotiate prices and all the other terms & conditions with the selected suppliers. We can negotiate as per your requests and will work to get the best possible deal within the group of suppliers we screened out. Once the negotiation is complete, we will advise you of the terms & conditions reached with the suppliers. Last but not least, we will communicate with you to select the best supplier you would like to use for placing the order.