Order Processing & Follow-Up

Once sample get approval and negotiations have been finalized, now is the time to qualify a supplier and get ready to place an order. At this stage, based on an analysis of the client’s requirement, we will propose client with feasible sourcing/ordering options and customized solutions that will help the clients acquire the product they need.

Before placing the order, we will work with the client and the vendor to draw up a Production Manual, which is a document written in both English and Chinese, that explains all the details we’ve negotiated and all the modifications we have made. This is an added safety layer to ensure that any bit of miscommunication is dealt with prior to the start of the production. Production Manuals differ by product, but they will always include all the pertinent information required to launch a successful production.

Once the Production Manual is complete, we will request the supplier to sign off on it and send a copy to the client to do the same. After the Production Manual has been signed off by both parties, we will assist the client in arranging the payment to the supplier. Remember, we are acting as your boots on the ground in China, so this means all payments run directly from you to the supplier, we don’t act as an intermediary. Once the initial payment has been made to the factory, our team will begin managing the production.

Delays and errors do happen, anyone who has imported for a substantial enough time can attest to this. We manage the entire production in an effort to stay on top of any potential error or delay. Our team stays in contact with the supplier throughout the entire production. We provide the client with daily & weekly reports on the progress of the order and notify the client of any change or situation for concern. By staying on top of the production, we’re able to catch an error that could lead to catastrophic problems if left unattended. In the event our team notices any issues, we’ll work with the client to develop a plan of actions to resolve any and all issues.