Quality Control & Inspection

Today’s globalized marketplace offers amazing opportunities, but also presents real risks. When working with a supplier overseas it’s critical to ensure the specifications you’ve agreed upon are in fact met. JingleOffice work with you to ensure that the product meet the agreed-upon quality standard and specification requirements, before it’s dispatched.

We begin by understanding your product, the specification requirements and what you would determine to be passing and failing characteristics of your product. Before formally initiate our Quality Inspection service for your order, you will be directed to fill out a form, which requiring you to provide us with your Inspection Sheet, including your detailed product specification requirements as well as your other inspection instructions. Our inspection department will review the information you provided and notify you of any areas of uncertainty and requests for further clarification. The following are a list of tips for writing up your specification sheet.

  • What is the application of your product?
  • What is the product material?
  • What are the dimensions? (Ex: thickness, length, width, height)
  • Are there any other needs? (Ex: color, wood type, durability, water-resistant etc.)
  • Compliance standards based on region sold to (ISO, FDA, CE, etc.)
  • Machining requirements? (Rough, soft, flexible)
  • Every industry will have jargon, terminology, and abbreviations. Define as much as you can (a definition section is recommended).
  • Wording should be short and direct.
  • What is the destination your product being shipped to?
  • Dimensions and weight requirements should include tolerance levels.
  • Color specifications should be referred under Pantone code.
  • Product performance should be included (for example, extreme temperatures and humidity)
  • When specific tests are required, standards used to measure precise measurements should be included (Materials, Conditions…)

After drawing up the Inspection Sheet , we will reach out to the suppliers and inform them that you have requested an inspection to take place. We then coordinate with the supplier the most ideal time for this inspection to occur. Once a date is set, you are notified and we make the necessary arrangements for our inspector to visit the supplier. Our inspector will travel to the supplier’s factory to perform the inspection. By using the Inspection Sheet obtained from you, our inspector spends a full man-day, which is usually eight hours, inspecting the factory and the production. At the end of the day the inspector begins preparing their analysis & conclusions by putting together an inspection report. It usually takes 24 – 48 hours for the report to be completed and submitted to you. The inspection report provides a detailed look into exactly what the inspector did, what units they inspected, how many passed, how many failed, and if they did fail, why.

Areas and procedures of our Quality Control & Inspection service include, but are not limited to:

  • Our support team will consult with you on the most ideal inspection type for your order.
  • Once we have decided on an inspection type, we will draw up Inspection Guidelines and Inspection Sheet.
  • Train the inspectors with the Inspection Guidelines and Inspection Sheet.
  • Before the mass production started, our inspector will visit factory to conduct pre-production inspection to make sure all the components and requirements are available and met, according to the Inspection Guidelines and Inspection Sheet.
  • Conduct inspection for samples or initial production.
  • Randomly selecting samples from mass production for During Production Inspection.
  • When your production is at least 80% completed, we will conduct Pre-shipment inspection which is the final opportunity to take corrective action before the production is finished and packed;
  • When the production is completed and packed for shipping, we will conduct Container Loading Inspection to ensure that the goods are handled properly, safely, and loaded properly in a container.
  • Release official inspection report within 2 working days.
  • If the inspection receives a passing grade, the next step is to wire the final payment to the supplier in exchange for the goods.
  • In the event the inspection receives a failing or pending grade, we’ll work together with you, the supplier and the inspector to determine the best course of action.

Once the goods are inspected in good condition and fully paid for, the next stage is shipping!