The award-winning project from the Taiwan Entrepreneurship Competition and the Taiwan youth startups from Guangzhou, Taiwan will be exhibited at the Guangzhou Taiwan Commodities Fair, which opened on Friday.

They cover high-performance computers, biotechnology, genetics, smart catering, cultural creativity, education and aged care.

Twelve entrepreneurial projects from a number of universities in Taiwan were also promoted at the Guangzhou show. The scope of the project includes maritime technology, aquatic product processing, the Internet of Things, new materials and even refined agriculture.

Taiwan youth startups

According to the data of the Guangzhou Municipal Government’s Office of Taiwan Affairs, the number of entrepreneurial projects in Taiwan has increased by 120 in the past three years, and the number of young people working on such projects on the island has been increasing. .

53 professionals from Taiwan received the talent green card issued by the Guangzhou Municipal Government.

More than 1,000 companies and organizations from multiple counties and cities in Taiwan are presenting their products and services at the show, which will last until Monday.