Project Name: Water treatment equipment production and manufacturing project
Release Date: 5th May, 2019
Investment Mode: Sole proprietorship
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Guizhou Province, Weinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture
Project validity period: Two years
Total amount of project capitals: 103.61 million US dollars

Water treatment equipment

Project Description:
(1) Obvious location advantage. The development zone is bordered by Qingyan Town of Guiyang City. It is the main road leading to Guiyang and Yuzhong in Changshun, Wangjing, Pingtang and Luodian counties. It is 28 kilometers away from the provincial capital Guiyang city center, 17 kilometers away from Guiyang Railway Station and 31 kilometers away from Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport. It belongs to the half-hour economic circle of Guiyang Longdongbao Airport. The Guihui Expressway, the 101 Provincial Highway and the Huishui-Guiyang City Grand Passway run through the whole territory from north to south. It is the only place in Guizhou Province’s second southbound sea passage, and the traffic is very convenient. Huishui County has become the transportation hub and the second largest dry dock in Guizhou Province after Guiyang. It is expected that a highway from Huishui to Duyun and Huishui to Anshun will be built before 2017. With the advantage of location, the development zone has broad industrial development ideas and optimistic prospects.

(2) Local policy support and large project construction support: For the key industries such as investment equipment manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, special light industry, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, the project has an investment intensity of 2 million yuan/mu. Above, the highest 100% standard equivalent of the transaction price of the purchased land, the subsidy ratio and the maximum amount of the fixed assets actually invested can be implemented up to 200% according to the above standard. Plant construction and rental support: In the Huishui County leased factory for production and completed within one year after the completion of the production and operation tax of more than 600,000 yuan, the leased plant per square meter to achieve a tax of more than 200 yuan, the county finance to give enterprise plant rental subsidies, The subsidy period is five years, the full subsidy is implemented in the first three years, and the subsidy is reduced by half in the fourth and fifth years. Tax policy: It belongs to the key development industry of Huishui County. The newly signed and introduced industrial enterprises that have paid the annual production and operation tax (referring to the value-added tax and enterprise income tax, the same below) and the growth rate of more than 20%, or the annual payment Industrial enterprises with production and operation tax revenues of more than 1 million yuan and a growth rate of more than 30% will be rewarded afterwards according to 100% of the county-level retained portion of the tax increase of the enterprise in the current year, which will be used to support enterprises to carry out upgrading and technological research and development. , market expansion, loan discounts, etc. Reduce the operating costs of enterprises: subsidies for electricity consumption in key industrial projects. For the newly introduced high-tech industries and modern manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing, aerospace industry, new materials industry, bio-pharmaceutical industry and other priority development-oriented industrial projects, the annual tax revenue is more than 3 million yuan and the production electricity consumption exceeds 1 million degrees. The annual new production and use of electricity shall be subsidized according to the standard of 0.1 yuan per kilowattage of electricity and the maximum of 500,000 yuan in the year. Provide financing guarantee for enterprises: set up a 20 million yuan transfer loan emergency fund pool, provide bridge funds support for qualified enterprises, and improve the ability of corporate financing guarantee. For industrial enterprises to directly finance through the issuance of corporate bonds, medium-term notes, short-term financing bills, etc., if the single financing amount exceeds 30 million yuan and the funds are all invested in Huishui, the enterprise subsidies shall be given according to the financing amount of 5‰, and the single subsidy is the highest. Not more than 1 million yuan.

(2) Low cost of production factors The Huishui Economic Development Zone has made many preferential treatments for the enterprises that have settled in water, electricity and gas.

Information Source: Ministry of Commerce Public Services