Opening date: 6th March, 2020
Closing date: 8th March, 2020
Exhibition city: Guangzhou
Exhibition address: Guangzhou Pazhou·International Purchasing Center Exhibition Hall
Exhibition name: China(Guangzhou) Int’l Small Animal Medical Devices and Supplies Fair
Industry: Animal medical device
Exhibition scope: Animal drugs, Animal medical device, Pet hospital management software
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Exhibition introduction:

The SAF Small Animal Medical Equipment and Supplies Exhibition was founded in 2017 and is held in Guangzhou every spring. It has been successfully held for 2 sessions. The exhibition centered on “Building the first internationalized professional small animal medical one-stop sourcing platform in China” and comprehensively displayed including small animal related drugs, pet food, prescription food vaccines, biological products, health products, nutritional products, medical instruments, and veterinarians. Equipment, surgical equipment, operating table, Baoding cage and other auxiliary equipment, hospital information management, diagnosis and treatment management software, medical professional books and other products, products cover all the medical and service industry chains required by hospitals, providing full support for pet hospitals and hospital construction fields. Azimuth solution. SAF small animal medical equipment and integrated resources will provide domestic and foreign small animal medical products manufacturers with both domestic and foreign trade exhibition platforms, so that domestic and foreign exhibitors can more effectively develop international and domestic markets. During the exhibition, there will be small animal medical product manufacturers from all over the country and even internationally, and the pet hospitals and distribution agents and agents from all over the country will gather at the SAF Small Animal Medical Exhibition for trade exchanges and cooperation.