Opening date: 25th February, 2020
Closing date: 27th February, 2020
Exhibition city: Beijing
Exhibition address: China National Convention Center
Exhibition name: CIBE – Beijing International Beauty Expo
Exhibition area: 40,000 square meters
Official website:

Beijing International Beauty Expo
Exhibition Introduction:
On February 25-27, 2020, the 24th Beijing International Beauty Expo will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center. It will continue to serve the beauty industry market in the Great North and surrounding areas, and play an irreplaceable part as an important part of the beauty industry system. Industry role. As one of the most trusted organizers of the US Expo in Beijing, the Beijing Jiamei Exhibition will be based on the capital economic circle and take advantage of Beijing’s special background and geographical advantages to build an industry standard release, implementation and international exchange for exhibitors. The center serves as an opportunity for the US industry platform to convey the latest development information of the industry and work hard to achieve efficient interoperability and cooperation. Beijing International Beauty Expo stands out among the beauty expos in the Great Northern Territory, becoming an industry event not to be missed by industry insiders.