Opening Date: 14th November, 2019
Closing date: 14th November, 2019
Exhibition city: Dongguan
Exhibition address: Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center
Exhibition name: 2019 Dongguan Smart Factory Exhibition
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Dongguan Smart Factory Exhibition

Exhibition Introduction:
As a “world factory”, Dongguan has a global influence. The reform and opening up has made Dongguan’s industrial agglomeration, forming an industrial system and a complete industrial chain featuring electronics, machinery, textiles, clothing, hardware, furniture, paper, toys, and chemicals. “The Dongguan traffic jam, the global shortage of goods”, this sentence has been widely circulated in the community. The total output value of the nine pillar industries in Guangdong Province is 308.799 billion yuan, of which Dongguan has eight pillars, including communications equipment, computers and other electronics manufacturing. , electrical machinery and instrumentation manufacturing, textile and garment footwear industry, paper and paper products, furniture manufacturing, toy manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing and chemical products manufacturing, accounting for 43% of Guangdong’s total industrial output value, The manufacturing industry in Dongguan accounts for 36% of the total industry in Guangdong Province. The focus of Guangdong’s industry development has gradually shifted from the automobile manufacturing industry to the 3C electronics manufacturing industry.

Dongguan is also aiming at the goal of advanced manufacturing bases and proposes a series of long-term goals: by 2020, Dongguan will become the leading city in China’s robot industry and become an advanced manufacturing base with global influence; the output value of robots and intelligent equipment industry will reach 100 billion yuan. The growth rate is 30%; 2~3 industrial robot industrial parks and 10 intelligent equipment characteristic industrial bases have been built. Nowadays, innovation drive has become a new kinetic energy for Dongguan development. This kinetic energy is provoking the backbone of Dongguan’s development. “Internet + Manufacturing” has made Dongguan a new vitality. This kinetic energy is making “Dongguan manufacturing” into a new spring.

2019 Dongguan Smart Factory Exhibition will be held on November 14-17, 2019 at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center.