Opening Date: 11th December, 2019
Closing date: 13th December, 2019
Exhibition city: Zhengzhou
Exhibition address: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Exhibition name: Grain Transportation and Storage Technology Exhibition
Official website:

Grain Transportation and Storage Technology Exhibition

Exhibition Introduction:
The latest transportation and storage technology of bulk grain is the basic supporting industry for the development of the grain industry. It is of great significance to fully implement the National 13th Five-Year Development Plan for the Grain Logistics Industry to ensure national food security. Promote the integration of “receiving, storage, transportation and sales”, build an industrial chain development model, and form an integrated and integrated grain logistics system. In the upstream of the industrial chain, we will develop a logistics service system that continuously cleans, dries, transports, and wares from the field to the warehouse after the grain production. In the mid-stream of the industrial chain, aiming at the contradictions of staged structural storage and storage, optimizing the layout of storage facilities and promoting new technologies for green grain storage.

Accelerate the construction of food logistics facilities, strive to improve the efficiency of grain logistics, attach importance to the construction of grain logistics facilities, help improve the efficiency of grain logistics, and promote the application of new technologies and equipment for storage of grain, actively exchange experience in scientific grain preservation, and test the achievements of outstanding scientific and technological achievements. To promote the application, we specially held the “2019 Grain Transportation and Storage Technology Exhibition”. This gathering integrates “product display, trade negotiation, technical exchange, information release” to promote technological progress, promote internal and external sales, guide market supply and demand, and seek greater development. It is believed that this transaction will provide a tree image for the development of grain warehousing and grain logistics industry, showing strength, creating a brand, exploring the market, and gaining trade opportunities for information!