Project Name: New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Project of Mianzhu City, Deyang City, Sichuan Province
Release Date: 2nd April, 2018
Investment Mode: Joint venture,sole proprietorship
Industry: Manufacturing, automotive manufacturing
Location: Deyang City, Sichuan Province
Project validity period: Two years
Total amount of project capitals: 159.04 million US dollars

New energy vehicles

Project Description:
I. Project construction conditions.The 3,077 mu of land in the second phase of Mianzhu Economic Development Zone has been submitted for approval, and part of the land acquisition has been completed; the infrastructure supporting construction project has been started, and some roads and pipe networks have been built; the mechanical processing capacity of the park has the supporting processing capacity of the whole vehicle parts.

II. Main contents Construction of new energy vehicle manufacturing projects, and the introduction of related industrial projects into the park.

Information Source: Ministry of Commerce Public Services