In accordance with the Anti-dumping Regulations of the People’s Republic of China (the “Anti-dumping Regulations”) and the Provisional Rules on Implementing Ruling of the World Trade Organization on Trade Remedy Disputes (the “Rules”) issued by the Ministry of Commerce, on August 25, 2017, the Ministry of Commerce (the “Investigation Authority”) issued the Announcement No.43 of 2017, deciding to re-investigate and implement the WTO dispute settlement body’ ruling on the panel report on Canada’s suit against China with respect to the anti-dumping measures against pulp.


Based on the evidence provided by the various stakeholders during the initial investigation and re-investigation of the case and the supplementary materials collected by the Investigation Authority and according to the panel’s ruling, the Investigation Authority re-investigates the effect of the products subject to the original anti-dumping measures on the price of similar products in domestic industry, the causal relationship between dumped imports and domestic industrial damages, effect of other known factors on domestic industry and other issues. The Investigation Authority has made a ruling after reinvestigation (See the Annex) according to the reinvestigation findings and the Anti-dumping Regulations and the Rules. Relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

I. Reinvestigation Ruling

The Investigation Authority ruled that, during the investigation period, the dumping of pulp originating in the United States, Canada and Brazil substantially damages the domestic pulp industry and there was causal relationship between the dumping and the substantive damage. The Investigation Authority decided to continue to implement the anti-dumping measures in accordance with the MOFCOM Announcement No.18 of 2014.

II. Administrative Reconsideration and Administrative Litigation

Any person who refuses to accept the reinvestigation ruling may, according to Article 53 of the Anti-dumping Regulations, apply for an administrative reconsideration or initiate litigation to the people’s court.

Regulation Source: Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China