In order to implement the “Notice of the State Council on the Copying and Promotion of the Experience of the Fourth Batch of Reform Pilots in the Free Trade Pilot Zone” (Guo Fa [2018] No. 12), the national declaration and promotion of international navigation ship water supply “open declaration + verification type” Regulatory “work mode, the relevant matters are now announced as follows:

1. The drinking water supply unit of the international navigation vessel (hereinafter referred to as the water supply unit) is responsible for the sanitary safety of the drinking water supplied to the international navigation vessel and is the first responsible person for the sanitary safety of drinking water.

The water supply unit shall engage in production and business activities in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and drinking water hygiene standards, ensure the safety of drinking water, be honest and self-disciplined, be responsible to the society and the public, accept social supervision, and assume social responsibilities.

Ship Water Supply for International Navigation

2. The Customs conducts risk analysis and assessment on the ship’s water supply unit, and allows enterprises that meet the following requirements to implement open declaration according to the results of risk analysis and evaluation.

(1) Obtaining the “People’s Republic of China Border Port Health Permit” and filing it through the transportation inspection and inspection system.

(2) The water source comes from the municipal pipe network, or meets the requirements of the “Secondary Water Supply Facilities Sanitary Code” (GB17051) for secondary water supply, and its water quality meets the requirements of the “Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water” (GB5749).

(3) The enterprise has good credit, no record of loss of trust or fraud.

(4) The management system is perfect, personnel training is in place, and on-site operation specifications.

(5) Water-related equipment meets water quality safety requirements.

(6) The water supply at the port water supply point and the water supply port of the ship shall have at least one water quality test report issued by the water plant in the past year. The results shall comply with the standard of drinking water. The water supply pipeline and the water supply point shall not detect Legionella.

(7) The water outlet of the port water supply point shall have the conditions that the vector organism cannot hide and breed, and the sewage cannot accumulate.

(8) The health permit examination and daily health supervision and inspection are all good.

(9) Submitting a drinking water safety commitment letter to the customs.

3. The water supply unit that has obtained the sanitation license but does not meet the requirements of the second paragraph of this announcement shall declare it in accordance with the requirements of the “Regulations on Food Hygiene Supervision and Administration of Frontier Ports”.

4. If the international navigation vessel chooses to implement the open-source water supply unit for water supply, it may make a water supply declaration to the Customs through telephone, “Internet +” and other convenient means, and submit the materials when leaving the port.

5. The water supply unit that implements the open declaration shall be exempted from reporting to the customs before supplying water to the international navigation vessel.

6. The Customs shall, in the daily supervision, find that the following conditions exist in the implementation of the open declaration unit, and suspend the open declaration qualification.

(1) Discovering that there is a potential safety hazard in the drinking water supply.

(2) Unexpected incidents that endanger or may endanger the health and safety of drinking water.

After the above problems have been effectively rectified by the Customs, they can regain the qualification for open declaration.

7. The water supply unit shall operate legally with certificates, establish and implement a water supply safety management system, and formulate food safety accident disposal plans to ensure water supply safety.

8. If the water supply unit or the international navigation vessel discovers that the drinking water is contaminated or does not meet the drinking water hygiene standards and endangers human health, it shall immediately stop using it, report to the customs, take effective measures, and effectively dispose of it in accordance with the scientific and standard regulations for food safety accident disposal.

9. The water supply unit shall provide water supply to the international voyage ship in strict accordance with the operating procedures, carry out rapid water quality testing, and make a good water supply record, and keep relevant records for at least three years.

10. The water supply unit shall establish a water supply ledger and report it to the customs on a regular basis.

11. The water supply to and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall be implemented in accordance with the above provisions.

This announcement is implemented as of the date of promulgation.

Regulation Source: General Administration of Customs, P.R.China