In order to further adapt to the new situation of port enforcement, we will carry out quarantine supervision of carrying pets (dogs and cats) safely, scientifically and regularly. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1.The activities of carrying animals are limited to dogs or cats (hereinafter referred to as “pets”), and each person is limited to one each time. Where a pet is brought into the country, the carrier shall provide the Customs with a valid quarantine certificate issued by the official animal quarantine institution of the country or region and a rabies vaccination certificate. Pets should have an electronic chip.


2. Pets carrying the entry shall be quarantined and quarantined for 30 days at the separation site designated by the Customs (the period of detention shall be included). Pets that need to be quarantined should enter the country from the port where the quarantine facilities are installed. The Customs carries out supervision and inspection of the quarantined pets. Customs shall carry out classified management of pets carrying inbounds according to designated countries or regions and non-designated countries or regions. Pets with the following conditions are exempt from quarantine:

(1) Pets brought in from designated countries or regions, with valid electronic chips, qualified by on-site quarantine;

(2) Pets from non-designated countries or regions, with effective electronic chips, providing rabies antibody test reports (antibody titers or immune antibody doses above 0.5 IU/ml) issued by the laboratories and qualified by on-site quarantine;

(3) Carrying pets belonging to guide dogs, guide dogs, and rescue dogs, with effective electronic chips, the carrier provides the corresponding user certificate and professional training certificate and is qualified by on-site quarantine.

The list of designated countries or regions, the list of laboratories for detecting rabies antibody test results, and the list of ports with quarantine facilities shall be subject to the announcement of the General Administration of Customs.

3. If one of the following circumstances occurs with the entry of a pet, the Customs shall, within the prescribed time limit, return it or destroy it for treatment:

(1) Carrying pets exceeding the limit;

(2) The carrier cannot provide the Customs with a valid quarantine certificate issued by the official animal quarantine institution of the country or region or a rabies vaccination certificate;

(3) Carrying pets that need to be quarantined and quarantined, and entering the port that does not have the conditions for quarantine inspection facilities;

(4) Pets fail to pass the quarantine inspection.

Guide dogs and rescue dogs that can only provide vaccination certificates can be vaccinated against rabies in a qualified institution upon application by the carrier.

For pets that are returned within the time limit, the carrier shall, within the prescribed time limit, hold the customs clearance certificate issued by the customs to collect and carry the pet out of the country; if it is not received within the time limit, it shall be automatically abandoned.

4. For the specific quarantine requirements for the entry of pets, please refer to the attached “People’s Republic of China for Imported Pet Quarantine Requirements”.

The contents of this announcement shall come into force on May 1, 2019.

Download Attachments:
a.People’s Republic of China carrying pets entry quarantine requirements.doc
b.List of laboratories that use the results of the detection of rabies antibodies by the General Administration of Customs.doc
c.Carrying inbound pets (dogs, cats) information registration form.doc
d.List of ports with entry pet quarantine conditions.doc

Regulation Source: General Administration of Customs, P.R.China